History of the Parish

The first Greeks found their way to High Point, North Carolina, in 1910. Church in the early days was a matter of "getting folks together" in homes to read from the scriptures of the Bible and following the reading of the liturgy. Those with transportation traveled to neighboring Winston-Salem, a larger community with a full-time priest. When needed, the Winston-Salem priest would offer pastoral assistance to High Point. It was he who suggested that a building, however small, be found to hold church services.

George Steffan, a parishioner, offered a small garage building next to his home. Through the generosity of all the members, young and old, the task of converting this garage into the first Greek Orthodox Church in High Point became a reality. Visitors came from other larger cities to worship in this little church. Weddings, christenings, funerals, and other sacraments requiring more space were held in the sanctuary of Saint Mary's Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church was receptive to the needs of the small Greek community.

In 1942, the closely-knit community decided to launch a campaign to raise money for the building of a church of which they could be proud. A fundraising campaign began and a site was found on which to build. Ten years later, in 1952 the fine new church was completed at Hamilton and Parkway. Every member contributed to the furnishings, the Byzantine icons, and richly decorated altar.

Saint George now boasts 60 families, who serve to perpetuate the Orthodox Christian faith in High Point and to fulfill their mission "to be good to the citizens of a city that recognize our Greek Heritage and support us in every way." The members perpetuate the Greek language and culture with afternoon programs through the church, and encourage youth to study the Greek history and perform in Greek Festival functions and dance exhibitions which are sponsored by the Church. The parishioners strive to be remembered as good citizens of High Point, with members who assume responsibilities in both the civic life of the city as well as the civic life of the Orthodox community.

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Sunday, July 21
Orthros 9:30, Liturgy 10:30

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